COVID19 IFR Re-estimation

For a summary of these early re-estimates of the COVID-19 first wave infection fatality ratio estimates accounting for seroreversion, please see the associated press release that accompanied Report 341.

  1. Brazeau NF, Verity R, Jenks S, Fu H, Whittaker C, Winskill P, Dorigatti I, Walker PGT, Riley S, Schnekenberg RP, Hoeltgebaum H, Mellan TA, Mishra S, Unwin HJT, Watson OJ, Cucunub√° ZM, Baguelin M, Whittles L, Bhatt S, Ghani AC, Ferguson NM, Okell LC.. Report 34 - COVID-19 Infection Fatality Ratio Estimates from Seroprevalence. October 2020.↩︎

Nicholas Brazeau
Resident Physician